A Century of Reiki with Dr. Justin Stein

It’s been a year since we met Dr. Justin Stein in Kyoto, where he led our group of Reiki students on a Reiki History tour throughout Japan. The pilgrimage seeded and nurtured so many projects – from finding new ways to offer these tours to more students to finding our project advisor for our dream of translating Kaiji Tomita‘s book for Western Reiki practitioners.

Dr. Stein’s breadth of Reiki knowledge is astounding – from his academic research and personal practice, his time living and practicing in Japan, his work on the Hawayo Takata Archives at UC Santa Barbara, among many other things.

As we approach the 100th anniversary of Usui Mikao’s fateful journey up Mount Kurama and the birth of his Reiki method of healing, we invited Justin to speak to those who wanted a deeper understanding of Reiki’s roots and its journey to today’s global practices.  And, he kindly offered to teach this series as a fundraiser for our Tomita book project!

We’re so excited about these five webinars, and we hope you will join us as we delve into A Century of Reiki beginning May 31 on Zoom.