Learning Reiki is Lifelong

Seeking to support Reiki Centers of America’s Tomita book translation project, one of my students texted to ask which of the upcoming A Century of Reiki webinars I’d particularly suggest to benefit his practice. I was at a bit of a loss because I was unsure if any single topic would be most beneficial.

Reiki I and Reiki II are both introductory courses in which we try to prepare students for lifelong learning. But even if our classes are longer than most, we can’t possibly cover every aspect of Reiki in just a few days. When I give my students certificates at the end our seemingly exhaustive 16 hours together, I thank them for letting me teach them Reiki. I also remind them that Reiki is their best teacher. Practice to learn more, ask me questions and I’ll share any knowledge or experiences I have, but Reiki will train them – I’m still learning, too!

A five-part Zoom series following Reiki’s journey from Japanese therapy to global practice.Reiki is an energy that heals in a myriad of ways, rebalancing and restoring life. And, it’s also a practice – with traditions, hand positions, and a long history. Some of that history we know and share, some we’ve lost, and some we’re only rediscovering now, just as Usui Sensei rediscovered this energy and redeveloped this practice almost a hundred years ago.

As students ourselves, Reiki Centers of America has connected with the most qualified teacher we could to share these historical aspects. Trained in first and second degree, the scholar Justin Stein may not be a Reiki master in the traditional sense, but he is a masterful teacher. He is the most studied and academically learned person on Reiki History that we know.

The content of Dr. Stein’s lectures is not necessary information, after all Reiki has been practiced by and has supported many people for nearly a century without documented historical data. But what my colleagues at Reiki Centers of America and I have learned is that by taking the time learn more – finding authentic source materials and making pilgrimages to Japan – our practices have been enriched and our relationships to Reiki deepened.

Please join us this Sunday or for one of the Sunday webinars coming up. We’ll learn things old & new, and develop new perspectives on this energy and practice we cherish and share.