Photo of Reiki Master Kaiji Tomita, author of the 1933 Reiki Book, Reiki to Jinjutsu.

We are commissioning the first academic English translation of Tomita’s seminal Japanese-language work on Reiki, Reiki To Jinjutsu – Tomita Ryu Teate Ryoho.
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Photo of NYC and SF Reiki Communities together

We preserve & share songs used in Reiki circles around the world. We’ll train songleaders to use Reiki music in their communities & foster new Reiki songwriters.
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We offer Reiki pilgrimage tours in Japan for Reiki students to explore the roots of our practice & journey toward the true source of Reiki.
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Read the full details in PDF formatOur Member Centers offer a six-month “Certified Reiki Practitioner” Training Program, designed to help Reiki practitioners open and build a thriving Reiki Center. Through extensive training on best practices and techniques proven to be the most therapeutically effective and comfortable for clients, Certified Reiki Practitioners are prepared to launch full-time businesses that will support them.

Read the full details in PDF formatMember Centers run by Reiki Master-Instructors also offer a two-year Master Apprenticeship Program for those called to teach Reiki. Our curriculum follows the teachings of Hawayo Takata and the discipline of Usui Shiki Ryoho.

Ongoing mentoring for new Masters is available. We offer business 101 tips, sample class materials, counseling on difficult client cases & student questions, as well as anything our Master paths have taught us that may help you grow.


With decades of professional Reiki practice, we share our successes with veteran practitioners and those just starting up. We provide technical support and business development including a client referral network, forms and paperwork assistance, essential resource information such as state-by-state licensing requirements, accreditation bodies, and insurance companies covering Reiki practitioners and services. Member Reiki Centers also have access to our extensive reference materials.


We believe in preserving the original teachings and spirit of Reiki, even as the practice continues to grow and develop. We host resources for practitioners seeking to deepen their connection to Reiki history, philosophy, precepts, teaching and practice. We’ve curated a collection of rare books, magazine articles, interviews, and audio & video files of prominent Reiki Masters trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho. Recently, we completed our first translation project from Japanese – a Reiki meditation practice by Kaiji Tomita, a student of Mikao Usui.


As lifelong students of Reiki – who know that practicing and receiving Reiki is our greatest teacher – we create communities for ourselves, our students, the public, and those in need to share and experience Reiki wisdom and healing. Our Member Reiki Centers provide opportunities for ongoing exposure to the system of Usui Shiki Ryoho through Reiki Circles for students to practice with each other; Reiki Clinics for members of the public to receive Reiki treatments from students; volunteer corps to offer Reiki treatment to those in need; and even virtual communities for Reiki II students to reach out for Reiki support for themselves and loved ones.