Photo of Reiki Master Kaiji Tomita, author of the 1933 Reiki Book, Reiki to Jinjutsu.
Photo of Reiki Master Kaiji Tomita, author of the 1933 Reiki Book, Reiki to Jinjutsu.

As Reiki Masters, we dedicate our lives to this Japanese art, yet we know so little about Mikao Usui, who developed the practice almost 100 years ago.  There is virtually nothing available to the general public (outside of the secretive Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai) that documents how and what Usui taught and practiced. Until now…

In 1933, Kaiji Tomita wrote a book of more than 300 pages called Reiki To Jinjutsu – Tomita Ryu Teate Ryoho – Reiki and the Caring Art of Healing: The Tomita Method of Hands-On Healing. Tomita studied Mikao Usui’s Reiki methods. He lived, practiced and taught in Japan in the years following Usui’s nationwide teachings. And, after Usui’s death, Tomita taught many students himself and founded a Reiki society called the Tomita Hand-Healing Association.

This book by Tomita is among the most important texts documenting the early practice of Reiki, providing insight into Mikao Usui’s teachings. We have embarked on an English translation project to make it available to those interested in how Reiki was used closer to the time Usui practiced in the 1920s. Tomita’s book is written in an old form of Japanese, inaccessible even to most modern Japanese readers. So, this isn’t a job for Google Translate, but we’ve got a great team in place and are mid-way through the English translation. Requests are now coming in for additional translations to Russian, German, Spanish, and more.

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Photos of the 1933 Kaiji Tomita Reiki Book

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