Hawayo Takata: A Life In Reiki

A Special Two-Day Event
Saturday & Sunday, November 7-8, 10am-2pm ET

Through diary entries and private correspondence, voice recordings, personal belongings, and rare photos, take an exclusive and intimate look at the life and legacy of the First Lady of Reiki.

Based on slideshow she curated for a reunion of Takata’s family, Reiki Master Joyce Winough leads us through this historically-rich exploration of the life and legacy of Hawayo Takata. Joyce holds not just the materials of Takata and Furumoto archives but also the energy of connection to this unique and storied family.  Tickets are available at Eventbrite.

Photo of Reiki Master Kaiji Tomita, author of the 1933 Reiki Book, Reiki to Jinjutsu.

We are commissioning the first academic English translation of Tomita’s seminal Japanese-language work on Reiki, Reiki To Jinjutsu – Tomita Ryu Teate Ryoho.
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Photo of NYC and SF Reiki Communities together

We preserve & share songs used in Reiki circles around the world. We’ll train songleaders to use Reiki music in their communities & foster new Reiki songwriters.
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We offer Reiki pilgrimage tours in Japan for Reiki students to explore the roots of our practice & journey toward the true source of Reiki.
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Bringing authentic instructions, techniques, and materials on Reiki and its early Masters, as well as organizing pilgrimage tours of Japan for all students to connect to the roots of Reiki.