Journey To Where It All Began

A Reiki Pilgrimage to Japan for Students of Any Level of Reiki

March 15-26, 2024

Sorry, the 2024 Tour is FULL. Check back for next year’s tour.

(Note: This tour is a fundraiser for Reiki Centers of America and its projects.)

Photo of the main entry steps and gate to Mount Kurama
The main entry steps leading to the outer gateway to Mount Kurama

With a professional Japanese guide & translator, Hiro Matsumura, and Reiki Master Brian Brunius of the New York City Reiki Center, we’ll start in Tokyo to visit the Usui memorial stone at Saihoji temple and cemetery in Tokyo. We will explore the life and times of the Meiji Emperor in the context of Reiki, and visit the former site of Chujiro Hayashi’s Reiki hospital in Tokyo. Departing on the Shinkansen, the famous bullet train, we will travel to Kyoto.

In Japan’s cultural capital we will explore tastes and experiences designed to help us connect to the spirit of Kyoto and learn some context for the times in which Mikao Usui lived. We will visit Mount Kurama, birthplace of the Reiki system, for three days of the tour. One day on Mount Kurama will be led by Inamoto Hyakuten, founder of Japanese Reiki system Komyo ReikiDo. We will visit the sacred spots Usui Sensei would have experienced as he climbed the mountain for the fateful 21-day fast and meditation that led him to Reiki. We will also descend the mountain to Kibune, one of the most beautifully scenic riverside towns in Japan (a UNESCO World Heritage site). Our guide, Hiro, will lead us for two more days of tours around Kyoto to places such as the famous Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and the tori gates of the Fushi Inari Shrine to help us get the historical view of Japan and to experience the culture, both ancient and modern.

To ensure an intimate and fully interactive experience, this tour is limited to 14 travelers, and all should have been initiated into the first level of Reiki before the tour begins.

Photo of a stone lantern and red fence on a terrace of the main temple at Mount Kurama.
Delicate flowers soften this stone lantern on a hillside terrace at Mount Kurama.

Payments and Deadlines

• The tour fee is US $5,895 per person based on double occupancy.

• A non-refundable deposit of US $1,100 is due upon registration to hold your space.

• The Japanese tour company we are working with will accept payment in full or partial payments and accrue the balance until your account is paid in full.

• The final day to register for the tour is January 29, 2024, and that is also the final day to pay any remaining balance on your account directly to the tour company in Japan.

Single Room Supplement: $545 for a single room. (For the nights in the Ryokan, only shared rooms are available. The ryokan doesn’t offer single rtooms.)

What’s Included

  • Double occupancy accommodations from March 15-26
  • Private airport transfers on arrival and departure
  • 24 meals: 11 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 6 dinners
  • Five Open Evenings for you to explore Kyoto’s restaurant and nightlife scene
  • Inamoto Hyakuten guiding us through Reiki historical sites on Mount Kurama
  • Our exclusive Reiki Historical Guide to Japan
  • All transportation including bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto
  • All admission fees
  • Professional guide service with Hiro
  • Provided interpretation from Japanese to English
  • Organizational costs


More Details

Flights: Arrive in Tokyo and depart from from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to coincide with the Japan Reiki Tour. Flights are not included, and are the responsibility of each person who registers for the tour.

Tips for Guide: In Japan, it is customary for tour groups to collectively give a tip of between $35 and $50 per day to the tour guide. Please expect to contribute about $50 to the tip pool near the end of the trip. It is also common, but not required, to bring a small gift from your country for the guide.

The itinerary: The tour itinerary is subject to change based on local conditions in Japan at time of travel, however we don’t anticipate any substantial changes.

For More Information Contact
Brian Brunius
+1 (212) 660-9918

About our Guides

Hiro Matsumura, Japan Reiki tour guide

Hiro Matsumura was born in Tokyo. At age seven, he moved to Moscow where he spent the rest of the elementary school years. At university Hiro played drums in a jazz band and still enjoys playing as a hobby, along with learning the guitar. Hiro’s other hobbies include paragliding, and his current personal record is flying 108km in the skies of Australia. Having visited over twenty countries, Hiro understands diverse points of view, a trait which allows him to clearly explain Japan’s history and culture to guests from various backgrounds. With ten years of experience under his belt, he is also knowledgeable, flexible, and able to provide a high level of insight and customization to the travelers he guides.
Photo of Brian Brunius of the NYC Reiki Center
Brian Brunius of the NYC Reiki Center climbing Mount Kurama in 2023

Brian Brunius is a Reiki Master and founder of the New York City Reiki Center. Brian is a member of The Reiki Alliance, the international organization of Reiki Masters founded by the students of Hawayo Takata, and has served as its finance administrator for the past 5 years. Brian founded and serves on the board of Reiki Centers of America, a not-for-profit charitable organization committed to preserving and making accessible early Reiki teachings passed on by Hawayo Takata, and empowering Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters to develop successful Reiki Centers and thriving Reiki communities in North America and beyond. From his first visit to Mount Kurama which transformed his Reiki practice and teaching, Brian has gone back to the sacred mountain 45 times and loves to share with other Masters and students the profound experience of Reiki and lineage on the mountain.

Photo of Cornelia (Lia) Van Stigt, Reiki master from the Netherlands
Cornelia Van Stigt is a Reiki Master from the Netherlands.
Lia Van Stigt is a Reiki Master from the Netherlands. She is a member of the Reiki Alliance and is currently practicing Reiki full time at the Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands while also teaching Reiki to interested students. Lia also provides information about Women’s Cancer at the Leiden University Medical Center as an employee of the Olijf Foundation, working together with Oncologists from various hospitals in the Netherlands who know her passion for Reiki. Lia hopes that it will open new doors to further bring Reiki into Regular Care, which is her passion as a Reiki Master. Having enjoyed firsthand the benefits of connecting to the roots of Reiki in Japan, Lia is excited to share her experience with others, deepening their connection to Reiki together.