Reflecting on My Spiritual and Initiating Lineages

On Friday, November 2, Phyllis Furumoto spoke to members of John Harvey Gray’s lineage at an event sponsored by Brian Brunius of Reiki Centers of America. Though I’d long anticipated all three days of her visit, this day intrigued me the most because lineage is so often referenced in Reiki, and I’ve taken for granted that my own spiritual and initiating lineages to Reiki were perfect. This day gave me opportunity to explore and experience what I’ve taken, without question, as whole.

Having read John Harvey Gray’s Hand to Hand and having heard many stories from my Reiki Master Brian Brunius, I’ve come to understand Gray had a deeply analytical and scientific mind. I appreciate the processes and standards I now associate with his initiating lineage, and the thought and reasoning he ascribed to how we transfer energy through story, practice and attunements.

But, as we practitioners know there are many aspects of Reiki we can’t so clearly define, and Phyllis brought a heightened awareness of and deeper insight into the greater potential of Reiki practice. It was fascinating to see the roots of the more spiritual and creative aspects I hold of Reiki, alongside the origins of why I also often see Reiki practice as an energy science. All without conflict or contention.

I’m grateful to the Grandmaster of our spiritual lineage Phyllis Lei Furumoto for taking this time, for holding our initiating lineage in Reiki, and to the John Harvey Gray Masters and students who gathered at One Spirit Learning Alliance for this beautiful day!